What does Safecamp mean to me.

For those that don’t know, this is the safe camp symbol, which is found in the Hobo Code.

While I’ve never seen it in person, this symbol has a profound impact on my life and it starts with two words: Circa Survive.

Just to shed a little light for those that don’t know, Circa Survive is a progressive rock band out of Philly and they have had the biggest influence in my life, music-wise. It all started Freshman year in guided study. I had just got ‘In Fear and Faith’ on my chunky gold ipod mini and for those next 3 minutes of my life, I was whisked away to a far away and wonderful place…and so the musical crush was formed.

Circa Survive didn’t start associating their music with the safe camp symbol until work on their third albumBlue Sky Noise was underway. I started seeing the symbol everywhere with them and I decided to do some research. Along with doing my own research, an episode of Criminal Minds featured the Hobo Code and I finally made connections in my head.

The safe camp symbol is usually drawn with a squiggly top line instead of the straight one pictured above and also has two circles on both sides of the X. It translates to show other homeless that there is a safe campsite with fresh water. These messages were written either on stones, etched into tree bark, or any other place near the site that would give other homeless people a sign.

The way I see it, Circa Survive has adopted this symbol and its fans (as well as myself) can easily understand why. We (and I’m speaking collectively of the CS fanbase) have really found solice in this band, their music, their lyrics, everything Circa Survive. I went through a pretty rough patch in my high school years and music was the only escape I had. Circa Survive had some of the deepest lyrics and went beyond just what was sung in harmony. And that’s how I came to really jive with what the lyrics had to say. In a nutshell, really.

My final words on this post is just my justification for a safe camp tattoo on some part of my body and due to the nature of my future occupation, a small and out of the way tattoo would be wonderful just to have somewhere on my body. This could be a whole other opinion post about tattoos, but if there’s one thing that I want permanently inked into my skin for all the world to (maybe) see, then the safe camp symbol is what I’d choose.

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3 thoughts on “What does Safecamp mean to me.

  1. Great post here. When people ask what it means (it’s my Facebook and Twitter picture, i draw it everywhere, and I’m getting the tattoo as well, so people always ask) I summarize the hobo code meaning behind it, and basically tell them for me, it means “You’re safe with me.” It’s very important to me, as is the band too. In fact, I just saw them perform last night and I’ll be seeing them again tomorrow night (my 13th time!) If you ever wanna chat Circa or anything, add me on Twitter or Facebook, which I’ll use below to post this comment. Peace, love, and Circa Survive.

  2. richardlhawke says:

    This made me happy

    • Aaron says:

      I have it on my left forarm with my initials on each side of the x. Two of my best friends that have it in the same spot as well it was dome at the same time.

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