Eating our feelings in cookies.

Tensions were running high for sophomores and juniors as they sat in their classrooms and thinking about how in a couple hours they were going to be choosing housing for the next year.

My friends and I had already had a housing plan, plus four backups, because of our unfortunately high lottery number. Six seemed like an awkward number and that not many other groups of that number existed. Even as we sat in the dining hall, eagerly waiting for our number to be called, we saw that the sextet apartments and houses were still up for grabs and our hopes were still high.

Unfortunately, this stressful situation turned for the worse. The group that was once now six became a four and a two, forcing us to split up into separate groups in separate houses. (So much for group bonding!) As sad as it is to be two separate groups living in separate houses, I’m not too upset at the apartment my roommate and I ended up getting tonight. Even though I’ve never had the opportunity to have my own room, this studio apartment will just have to do for next year.

The most fortunate thing about this housing selection process was the waiting list. Obviously, our group wasn’t put into our ideal situation and so if anything were to happen between now and next year, we could definitely have a chance in getting our picks that we had originally planned out.

As the girls trudged back to our room, exhausted and spent from the stressful housing selection process, the only thing that they were looking forward to was keeping their minds off of the disappointment that had just filled their night.

“What are you going to be doing for the rest of the night?”
“I don’t know I’m pretty tired. Probably turn in early…after I eat some of these cookies. I’m just going to eat my feelings in cookies. Would you like to join me?”
“May I have a cookie then? I’ll join you…”

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One thought on “Eating our feelings in cookies.

  1. I would join you, but with Ben and Jerry’s chunky monkey. By the way Circa Survive = Love

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