You know those times

It’s probably late at night. The only reason you’re up is because your mind has been turning over this one thing that you just can’t seem to shake. Those moments when you think, “How could things possibly get better from here?”

But you find that they do. Many people get to that point of clarity in different ways. Some cry, write, drink, lie in bed. It could happen in a flash, the next morning, or a couple months later. Whatever one’s coping mechanism may be and however long that healing process is, there is undoubtedly times in our lives that are turbulent and full of emotion and there are times of clarity and contentedness.

A couple months ago, school seemed like it would never end. Senioritis was kicking in hard early in the semester and graduation could not come any sooner. There were times at night when I would lie awake and think of the circumstances that surrounded me in the now and in the future. A new period of unfounded opportunities awaited me but the inevitable, restricting hold of familial duties left me hoping and dreading for my time to come home.

A mere three months was all it took for my mind to fall under that familiar hold of certainty and anxiousness. The cycle of turbulence and clarity seem to resurface but in different manifestations through love, career, and family. But as uncertain as I may be with my future or with anyone else’s, it’s important to remember:

Life always picks up.
Life always knows how to knock you back down.


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