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You know those times

It’s probably late at night. The only reason you’re up is because your mind has been turning over this one thing that you just can’t seem to shake. Those moments when you think, “How could things possibly get better from here?”

But you find that they do. Many people get to that point of clarity in different ways. Some cry, write, drink, lie in bed. It could happen in a flash, the next morning, or a couple months later. Whatever one’s coping mechanism may be and however long that healing process is, there is undoubtedly times in our lives that are turbulent and full of emotion and there are times of clarity and contentedness.

A couple months ago, school seemed like it would never end. Senioritis was kicking in hard early in the semester and graduation could not come any sooner. There were times at night when I would lie awake and think of the circumstances that surrounded me in the now and in the future. A new period of unfounded opportunities awaited me but the inevitable, restricting hold of familial duties left me hoping and dreading for my time to come home.

A mere three months was all it took for my mind to fall under that familiar hold of certainty and anxiousness. The cycle of turbulence and clarity seem to resurface but in different manifestations through love, career, and family. But as uncertain as I may be with my future or with anyone else’s, it’s important to remember:

Life always picks up.
Life always knows how to knock you back down.


Thoughts on Social Dance

You know what’s cool?

Social dancing.

For one month during my sophomore year of high school, we had a Dance unit. Seeing that this was the first time that the classes were co-ed, social dancing was a way to have the girls and boys work together. I was lucky enough to be partnered up with guy of my height, which made it that much easier. It was probably then when I figured, “Hey. This is pretty cool.”

Our school has a social dancing club called Maritini Swingers and a couple of weeks ago they had their spring showcase and I absolutely loved it. The spins, the partner dancing, the music. The whole shebang. Loved it. Last night, they had a Spring Show and the name was quite decieving. It was just an opportunity for the club to come together one last time before the end of the year and dance with people. Last year, I had a friend teach me the basics of swing dance again and I picked up right where I left off last night and learned a whole new repertoire of social dances from the Lindy Hop to Ballroom Waltz.

When I was younger, my Mother put me in dance classes for a couple years and that covered ballet, jazz, and hip hop. But social dancing was a whole new world for me. No matter how different the world, I picked up the subtle hand signals rather quickly and just went with the musical flow. Since I was learning a whole bunch of new dances, I had my friend be my primary dance partner, but I did get the opportunity to dance with other guys. Each had their own personal style in how they lead and how they themselves got into the music. You always learn something new with another dance partner.

Upon reflecting on my experience last night, I realize that I really miss dancing. The way you can express yourselves (either by yourself or with a partner) to the rhythm of the music is really entrancing. Even while dancing, sometimes I feel like I’m having an out-of-body experience. Bizarre, yes, but dancing is a wonderful thing to reflect upon. It really shows your personality in a whole new way.

I plan on joining Martini Swingers (as if I’m not involved in so many other things) and I only hope that there are other people out there who feel the same way about social dancing.

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The First Day is Always the Hardest

I will advise those that dare to read this to be prepared to feel sad.
Or maybe you’ll think I’m pathetic for being so sad.

Either way, this post is about feelings.

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A change that I am all for.

They say when you come to college, it’s nothing like high school.

I think the biggest change that I am the most welcome to is the direction you can take with papers. Just reflecting on past papers and thinking of ones that I shall be writing in the near future for the end of this year, I’ve been able to write about things that I wouldn’t have thought to be possible in a high school setting…well, either that or high schools are strict on what to write.

The first paper that made me realize that I had lots of power with writing was my first-year end of the year term paper. Depending on what class you took in the Spring, your term paper could be written on things about discussing Harry Potter and whether its fiction to the effect of biotechnology in processed foods in future (near apocalypse?) societies.

I had the opportunity to rant and rave about cannibalism for ten pages. How often do you get to write ten pages about something like that? And now, I am in the midst of writing abook analysis connecting the gory, but everloved Battle Royale, the precursor to all things Hunger Games and anything of the sorts to group approaches to communication. Later this week, I’ll be able to conduct research and discuss sexual ethics through the unitive view of sex…that to me, is just amazing.

It’s not everyday that you get to talk about things like this. It’s not everyday that you get to chose a book that you love and examine it through the different types of classes you take in school. This sense of freedom of being able to draw in interests to something that some students find a pain in the butt (such as writing papers) is a powerful thing and I hope that when I become a teacher, I can use this experience and hopefully show students that writing isn’t just a dreadful process. It can be something that could be potentially fun.

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