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New Year, New Blog

Hello readers!

With the new year starting, I figured this would be a good chance for me to utilize this blog more. To support me in these efforts, I have enrolled in WordPress’s Blogging 101 Course. Whether I will go from zero to hero over the course has yet to be seen, but this is more of a personal endeavor than one for fame.

The original purpose of this blog was to give myself a space to post thoughts and writing for myself. There have been many times where I fell into the writing mood and while personal journals have littered the earlier years of my life, I took to the format of blogging. Typing on the computer seems to capture thoughts faster than writing could (in my case, at least) so I took advantage of what the keyboard could provide me. This year, I want to write more. Lots of things have been reeling over in my mind in terms of post-college life and I’m sure there are others that are in that post-school life trying to figure out what to do with themselves. Not to say that I’m going to lead us towards the promise land of adulthood, but articulating these thoughts might give others solace at the fact that they are not on their own. There are a whole mess of us trying to navigate this weird time of adulthood. Establishing ourselves has been the dream for so long, but now that we’ve got a fancy piece of paper to our name, how can we go off on that journey of becoming that adult we’ve envisioned?

Maybe that could be the new theme of this blog…maybe, this is what I can spend 2015 discovering.

To those embarking on the Blogging 101 course, I wish for you to find whatever it is that you’re hoping to accomplish.
To those already following and are here for the ride, I appreciate your patience and hope to make these posts worth your while.
As for me, I’m excited to see where this blog will take me. Perhaps I will make a separate blog to further this theme that I’ve stumbled upon in my musings. As for this blog, it will stay and its writings will be a part of its archive. As soon as I create the separate blog, I will link it here.

Here’s to a new year, new blog.

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Thoughts on Social Dance

You know what’s cool?

Social dancing.

For one month during my sophomore year of high school, we had a Dance unit. Seeing that this was the first time that the classes were co-ed, social dancing was a way to have the girls and boys work together. I was lucky enough to be partnered up with guy of my height, which made it that much easier. It was probably then when I figured, “Hey. This is pretty cool.”

Our school has a social dancing club called Maritini Swingers and a couple of weeks ago they had their spring showcase and I absolutely loved it. The spins, the partner dancing, the music. The whole shebang. Loved it. Last night, they had a Spring Show and the name was quite decieving. It was just an opportunity for the club to come together one last time before the end of the year and dance with people. Last year, I had a friend teach me the basics of swing dance again and I picked up right where I left off last night and learned a whole new repertoire of social dances from the Lindy Hop to Ballroom Waltz.

When I was younger, my Mother put me in dance classes for a couple years and that covered ballet, jazz, and hip hop. But social dancing was a whole new world for me. No matter how different the world, I picked up the subtle hand signals rather quickly and just went with the musical flow. Since I was learning a whole bunch of new dances, I had my friend be my primary dance partner, but I did get the opportunity to dance with other guys. Each had their own personal style in how they lead and how they themselves got into the music. You always learn something new with another dance partner.

Upon reflecting on my experience last night, I realize that I really miss dancing. The way you can express yourselves (either by yourself or with a partner) to the rhythm of the music is really entrancing. Even while dancing, sometimes I feel like I’m having an out-of-body experience. Bizarre, yes, but dancing is a wonderful thing to reflect upon. It really shows your personality in a whole new way.

I plan on joining Martini Swingers (as if I’m not involved in so many other things) and I only hope that there are other people out there who feel the same way about social dancing.

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